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I'm an artist of some sort, I treat art as my hobby; I like drawing, doodling and all that. While I'm not so good with digital art I'm much more experienced with good ol' paper. I draw what comes to my mind mostly, maybe I'll sketch a thing or two for my friends if I feel like it. I don't claim to be a professional, but I'm not bad either.
I like playing games. My favourites must be Pokemon, Spore (Childhood game) and maybe Skyrim (If bored), however I'm not a fan of shooters.
Do I do requests or similar? No, but I may in the future.
I'm not a fetish artist, so if you are here to wank you came to the wrong place.


"This brutal Pokémon travels the skies on its six wings. Anything that moves seems like a foe to it, triggering its attack."

I spent 2 days on it. I wanted to pull out my own hair while doing all the shading and texture, but it was worth it, I think. The lighting seems very odd to me, maybe because I'm not used to do pieces in such style, however I like how the fur ended up. I guess it's my best piece yet? I really have to work on the lighting. I need some feedback here, I really need to know how I can improve it.

All characters and intellectual properties belong to their respective owners.
© The Pokemon Company (Gamefreak, Nintendo)
A creature not known to all and more, found in a specific world of unknown, where there is no entry nor exit (not yet anyways). It's a beast that represents anger, hatred and jealousy. Aggressive creature, able even to attack its own kind. It feeds off of negative emotions and feelings, forcing it to live with mortals and seek specifically weak and pathetic people. It was never found resting or sleeping. It's an inverse being of Hiamora, and is in never-ending conflict with them.

I noticed that doing such a 'fluffy' look on stuff gives me pleasure of some sort, so I decided to design another mythical being. This creature isn't new, but never had a defined shape so there we are. It isn't one of the better pieces, but I need to start somewhere, right?
Link to Hiamora:…
Fight Me
Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you my best piece of digital artwork yet. I can't believe that it went so well. Something's off with it but nonetheless I can say I am proud of this piece.
Was exploring the mechanism of jaws (Or whatever you call it) and new shading techniques, and I guess the experiment was successful. I observed that most of my better pieces tend to start as a mindless sketch. Fascinating, isn't it?

It's another drawing for a friend of mine. Yes, they are obsessed with dragons. I can say they are my fuel that keeps me doing stuff and I'm happy to have such a friend, even though they can be annoying sometimes.

In my opinion I'm improving very quickly, maybe I will start to do requests (And maybe commissions) sooner than I expected. For now I don't want to start too soon as I feel like my art isn't good enough yet.
Experimenting with other stuff, this time we have paints. It's really time consuming but the effect is pretty nice in my opinion. I did it actually in school where I have access to high quality paints I don't have at home. It was really fun though and will think about buying some of these + the brushes. Sorry for the pencil lines I wasn't bothered to rub them out.
A creature not known to all and more, found in a specific world of unknown, where there is no entry nor exit (not yet anyways). The feathers on its wings are so soft they can soothe any aggressive being and dull the strongest pains. It sleeps in clouds most of its life, and visits the mortal plane only if someone is in great need.

I didn't expect it to turn out so nicely. Was experimenting with different styles and this came out of it. In my opinion it's my best piece of digital art yet. Its origin is more comic than you think, it actually originated from a very shitty doodle that became my profile picture on Discord. I will definitely develop it more, maybe write some more lore on it.
(For anyone interested of its first designs


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